Larson Falconer Hassan Parsee Inc provides legal services in the following areas:

  • litigation in business disputes, banking recoveries, administrative and constitutional matters
  • business legal services
  • property law and conveyancing
  • property resort, residential and sectional title development services
  • labour
  • commercial criminal services
  • banking
  • consumer protection
  • land claims
  • personal injury, medical negligence and road accident fund claims
  • construction law
  • insurance
  • corporate governance
  • insolvency
  • deceased estates
  • family law

The firm is rated as a level 2 contributor with a BEE score of 125%.


The main speciality of the firm is business law which includes all forms of contracts, company law, drafting of sale of business agreements, insurance law and claims, giving advice on business law and associated topics enabling our clients to conduct their business within the framework of what is now a highly regulated South Africa. We have attended to listings on the JSE as well as delisting’s, advised offshore investors and optimally structured their investment into South Africa. We have also attended to large commercial contracts which require competition commission approval and generally attend to all aspects of business law.


The firm has a highly competent and friendly conveyancing department which can handle all clients’ needs for property transfers, mortgages, sectional title schemes, structuring advice so as to ensure the optimum cash flow to developers and sellers alike. In addition the department can structure agreements ranging from the sale of a dwelling, the sale of units in a development and more complex agreements relating to vatable transactions and going concerns. The perennial question we get asked by clients is the cost of various transactions so that they may budget accordingly. To assist clients we have a cost calculator link which one may click on and follow the simple steps to get an indicative cost estimate for transfers and bonds including bond installment. The transfer costs are based on a transaction upon which transfer duty is payable. If the transaction is vatable or zero rated then one must deduct the transfer duty element for a more accurate estimate.


The firm has an extremely competent litigation department and can represent you in all forms of commercial litigation, constitutional matters, insurance law, bank law, matrimonial disputes, family law, construction law and criminal law. The firm also specialises and has successfully contested many land claims made under the current law.


The firm also attends to many aspects of general law such as the drafting of Wills, Liquidation and Distribution of Estates, Antenuptial Contracts, Labour Law and the like. In fact a visit to our services page lists all the services that we render and a click on to that page may be helpful.